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Your Website is Leaking Profits

We hate to break it to you, but your website has a hole in it. Everyday, you are losing thousands of visitors who could be making you money. But there's good news - we can fix your leak for free.

If you’re like most site owners, you probably want to make more money from your website. (Yes, we here at Pixx Media are certified geniuses). But the trouble is, you probably don’t want to do a lot more work to make more money. I mean, you already have visitors coming to your site, right? You may already be monetizing your site the way “normal” people do. You might even be using strategies like:

  • Banner Ads (Adsense, etc)
  • Building An Email List
  • Selling Your Own Products
  • Doing Sponsored Posts
  • Reviewing Products And Sharing An Affiliate Link

Well, if you’re doing all those things – congratulations! You are rocking it! But, what if there was a way to make even more money… without having to do anything extra? No writing, no ad creation, no finding affiliate products… you won’t have to lift a finger. Sound too good to be true? We’ll explain how it all works in just a second, but first… meet the team who is hard at work fixing “profit leaks” all over the internet. We’re basically Digital Plumbers.




Mike Giannulis
Founder/Project Manager

Michael Giannulis is the Founder of Pixx Media. He’s worked in digital marketing and sales for 10 years with a focus on copywriting, offer management, and conversion. Mike’s 3 favorite letters are EPC (earnings per click)… meaning he goes out of his way to put more money in his client’s pocket. Michael is a graduate of Western Governor’s University and St. Petersburg College.


    Mike Williams

    Mike Williams is a seasoned executive and a serial entrepreneur. Mike was the CEO of World Wide Payment Solutions, a payment processing company serving both offline and higher-risk online merchants. As Chief Operating Officer of Sento Corp, Mike helped grow this public, International BPO company from $10M to over $60M in annual revenue. From large organizations like Overstock.com, McAfee and Intuit to small, single location retail stores, Mike’s experience and operational expertise allow him to dissect and improve any process, organization and business he works with.


      Danny Dean
      Tech Guru

      Danny is our resident tech guru. With a strong background in software and web development, he heads up our Tech Team. Danny’s been working in the tech space since the early 2000’s and has a knack for turning the most complicated specs into simple, easy beautiful code. The backbone of our platform and system has been built under Danny’s ever watchful eye. In addition to his ninja tech skills, Danny has also spent years in the online marketing world, mastering funnel creation, user experience, and relationship marketing.


        James Zolman
        Tracking Czar

        James Zolman is an experienced digital business manager. He has been monetizing websites through remarketing, search, and display advertising for over 10 years. An affiliate marketer since 2004, Zolman started and operated a ppc management agency from 2005-2009. Then he successfully competed in the online payday and personal loan industry from 2009 – 2014. He’s got your back when it comes to monetizing your traffic through audience extension campaigns!


          Jordan Mederich
          Creative Artist/Video Guy

          Jordan Mederich is the brains behind the video and creative marketing experience here at Pixx. From working with multiple Fortune 500 companies like Verizon, Sony, and Hyundai, to tiny niche markets, he brings fresh perspective to the visual, copy and ideation process that aims to explode your bottom line.


            Ryan Ayers
            Content Writer/Social Media Guru

            Ryan is a prodigious writer, content creator and social media guru. He also manages projects and marketing campaigns for our customers. Ryan loves chatting with our clients and helping them execute their plan. He’s a team player and an all around cool guy.


              Eric Herman
              Sales Director

              Eric Herman is a serial entrepreneur with diversified business interests in internet marketing, software, digital real estate and electronic payments. Eric was President and CEO of Lodestar Productions which began in 2001 as online real estate brokerage and later expanded to digital and physical product sales online. His business ventures have collectively generated more than $10M in revenue. Connecting people throughout his vast network to help executives leverage their internet traffic and monetize new forms of digital media is Eric’s true passion. Connect with Eric to learn how your organization can build new revenue channels from your existing online assets.

                Our proven technology works for any type of website. It can be an e-commerce store, an information publishing business, a blog, a viral content site, whatever. What we’re focusing on is the fact that for every thousand visitors to your site, you make money from only a precious few. If your site gets 100 visitors, you probably only make money off of 5% of them if you’re lucky! So, 95% simply vanish into thin air. Now, you might be really smart and do what is called “retargeting”. This is basically where you show your banner ads to visitors who have recently visited your site.

                If you’re already doing this, GREAT! But what if (and sorry for being blunt) your visitors just don’t care about what you have to offer anymore? Should that be the end of the line for you? Is that where your ability to monetize should stop? Here at Pixx Media, we say “No Way”! You paid good money for those visitors and even though they may be done with you, you are definitely not done with them. Like Mike’s Granny used to say, “There’s still meat on the bone!”

                Enter Pixx Media.

                We give you a simple code to place on your website, called a “Pixel”. It’s no bigger than a couple sentences. You place it on your site (or if you’re not a techie type, we’ll do it for you). Now, when visitors hit your website, we know it. We don’t know their name or anything like that, in fact, all data is completely anonymous. But we do know their demographics, their shopping habits, likes/dislikes… all the fun stuff that us marketers drool over.

                Using our one-of-a-kind, proprietary technology, we then use our existing relationships with sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others to follow your site visitors all over the web, showing them high converting banner ads. As your visitors click these ads, we are tracking everything. When your followers make purchases online, you get a cut. How smart is that?

                Even if your visitors never come back to your site, you still make money. All because they visited your site once and you were smart enough to partner with Pixx Media.

                Keep scrolling and we’ll talk about what what it costs for us to make you money.


                We Will Monetize Your Lost Visitors For Free

                That's right. In a day and age where everyone everywhere is asking for money, we are taking the opposite approach. Instead of you paying us, we want to pay you.

                You have 3 steps to start making money with Pixx Media.

                1. Place a simple one line code on your website (or we’ll do it for you, we love helping).
                2. Tell us how you want to get paid.
                3. Kick back and relax. Within 30 days, we’ll turn your invisible visitors into visible profits.

                We pay out every month like clockwork. It really is that easy. You don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff going on behind the scenes (that’s what programmers and techies are for). Your focus should be increasing traffic to your website. The more traffic you send to your website, the more money you can make with Pixx Media.

                We can also help you get more traffic, if that’s what you’re looking for. Just read our Advertising section.

                Your next step is to contact us. Currently Pixx Media is in Beta Testing. We are only allowing in a small group of site owners and advertisers to use our new technology. Please contact us using the contact form(s) below and we will be in touch.

                Client Testimonials

                Join our happy clients who are making more revenue without lifting a finger.

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                Make money when your visitors buy online... FREE!

                If you own or control any page on the web, we want to send you money. It’s fast and easy. Place a pixel (an invisible code provided by us) on your website (it takes about 30 seconds… and in most cases we can even do it for you). This pixel allows us to show relevant ads to your non-monetized visitors.These ads don’t appear on your page, they appear all over the web on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to name a few. When they make a purchase, you get a cut.

                The best part? We’ll do this absolutely free! No mass emailing your list, no selling off your valuable customers… They make purchases online, you get a percentage!

                Fill out the form below to get started today!


                The future is here and it's called Pixx Media.

                Want To Advertise Your Own Site?
                We Have Laser Targeted Traffic

                We have websites (large and small) who are partnering with us to provide real time, site specific data. We are able to open this data to you so you can begin running display ads all over the internet. These ads are more affordable than any other network because our technology combines cutting edge retargetting with Real Time Bidding and unused banner inventory. This trifecta of awesomeness allows you to advertise your products or service for pennies on the dollar. Not only that, the targeting is unlike anything else available.

                Want to show your banner ads to someone who just visited a website about RV's? Done. Want to run your ads to females over the age of 25 who have visited make-up blogs in the last 48 hours? Not only can we do it - we can make it more affordable than paying for generic "demographic" targeting from the other guys. Remember - it's not just who your customer is... it's where you're customer has been that really counts.

                Use the contact form below to get in touch about using our advertising platform to get more quality traffic faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.

                You can also use this form to contact us with any other questions.